Brown Rice and Arsenic

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Brown rice is a staple food in many traditional cultures. One of the ways I choose the foods that are right for my body is by looking at which ones have stood the test of time. Brown rice has supported the health of humans for thousands of years.

In my macrobiotic studies, I learned that brown rice when cooked with a little sea salt is one of the most balanced foods for our bodies. I have experienced in my own body the benefits of regular consumption of brown rice. Currently, I choose to continue to eat brown rice regularly even though recent research has shown that brown rice grown in certain areas of the world contain an alarming amount of the inorganic arsenic that can be harmful to our bodies.

I continue to gather information to help me make informed decisions about my health. Here are several macrobiotic teachers weighing in with their thoughts about brown rice and brown rice syrup. I have found their articles to be very helpful and want to share them with you. You can add these articles to your own research to help you make your own best informed decision for your own health.

Denny Waxman

Preliminary Thoughts on Arsenic in Brown Rice

Further Thoughts of Brown Rice and Arsenic

Your Brown Rice and Arsenic Safety Checklist

Christina Pirello

Brown Rice Syrup and Arsenic

Brown Rice and Arsenic…Here We Go Again

For now, I continue to eat about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of  boiled or pressure cooked organic brown rice daily, frequently cooked with other grains or beans. I rinse my rice well and soak it overnight. Then, I drain it in the morning and replace with fresh water before cooking. I occasionally cook the rice with a postage size piece of kombu. I source my organic rice from California. I eat a moderate amount of rice syrup from Suzanne’s. I also continue to eat moderate amounts of foods such as good quality miso and sea vegetables that help bind heavy metals and reduce their impact on my body.

I hope you find this information to be helpful.


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  1. emmycooks

    Sounds like I should be soaking my rice, which I haven’t been. I have been boiling it in a larger amount of water (like pasta) and then draining it. Thank you for these links and your thoughts!

    • sweetveg

      You’re welcome. I trust the information I get through my macrobiotic network and it feels good to be able to add it to the conversation.