Denny Waxman webcast April 21

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Denny Waxman, macrobiotic counselor and teacher, will be lecturing in Philadelphia Sunday April 21 from 5:30 – 7 pm EST. This lecture will be available through webcast and it’s a great opportunity to get an introductory macrobiotic perspective on a plant-based diet and living in balance with nature. This lecture will also be available for viewing later on his website.He will also introduce his strengthening health approach. If you are in the Philadelphia area, you may attend the free lecture in person at the Ahimsa House. RSVP on the Facebook link below so they make enough veg sushi!

From the SHI newsletter: “Denny Waxman, the founder of Strengthening Health Institute will be offering a public talk on how to bring harmony and balance into our lives through our food choices. Denny will speak about the meaning and benefits of a plant based diet, as well as how one may begin to find a new and deeper joy in food!”

Denny has been practicing and teaching about macrobiotics for over 40 years. He has a wealth of experience and insight. He is the author of The Great Life Diet.

The link for the webcast can be found here. There will also be links on Ahimsa House’s page on Facebook.

I also highly recommend subscribing to his blog. He frequently addresses current health concerns and his views from a macrobiotic and plant-based perspective.

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  1. Yes, do subscribe to his blog!

    And if you are in NYC, do check out his May 7 Great Life Diet class with us 🙂