Playing with the Moon

Edges are important because they define a limitation in order to deliver us from it…When we come to an edge we come to a frontier that tells us that we are now about to become more than we have been before.  As long as one operates in the middle of things, one can never really know the nature of the medium in which one moves.

William Irwin from his book The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light

This month I started playing a game coinciding with the phases of the moon. I learned this technique from my friend Brett over at More Than Astrology. It’s pretty simple, but powerful at the same time. Each month, at the new moon, set an intention related to the sign the moon is in at that time. Then follow the moon’s cycle through the month. The first quarter moon brings awareness of any conflict or resolution around this intention. The full moon brings illumination. The third quarter moon of the cycle presents the opportunity to fully integrate that intention. Then the cycle begins again with the next new moon in a different astrological sign.

To illustrate:

This past month the new moon was in Virgo and for me this relates to service to spirit. So I went all out. I set my intention to live in complete alignment with spirit. Around the time of the first quarter moon in Sagittarius I noticed an increased awareness of when I was in or out of alignment. (Awareness can be so bothersome sometimes.) Close to the full moon, I started seeing specific examples of how often I choose what I perceive to be someone else’s need and let that pull me out of service to spirit. As a result of this illumination, the day of the Pisces full moon I decided to choose going to Daniella White’s sound bath rather than automatically putting someone else’s needs first.

Now I am just finishing up with the third quarter moon in Cancer and a period of integration. I am reminded of how hard it can be to follow spirit, sometimes. I am being led into uncharted territory. Sometimes I am guided to do things I don’t want to do. I talk to people I don’t know and give them messages or offer my services. I ask someone out. I attend a church. I do yoga for the first time in 10 years and end up in a super challenging class. I don’t help someone even though my heart longs to because I feel guided to let them be. These are all things that make me scared or uncomfortable. Guided by spirit, I am pushing against my edges.

These feelings are not new. My whole life I have been aware of following guidance, questioning old beliefs and living in alignment. I don’t want to live any other way. What’s different is that I have used this past month to set a clear intention to be in complete alignment. It doesn’t matter whether I achieve the full 100%. What’s important is that I have set that intention.

Tomorrow, a moon cycle starts again. This one with a new moon in Libra. Time to set intentions around balance. Balance between the feminine and masculine, light and dark, the head and the heart, the body and the spirit. I am setting several intentions. One will be to embrace balance in giving and receiving.

Do you want to play with me? Where in your life could you use more balance? Where does our world need balance?

Want more information about playing with the moon? Go to The Moon Game.


2 Responses

  1. this great and love idea of playing with the moon! i am libra and feel very out blanance lately, so my intent is bring more peace to myself(which think will shine out to world) with more mediation and rest. also look at my relationships where balance can be and with working two jobs where i can find more me time and in nature…maybe just lookin at the moon& stars!! 🙂 lee-lee

    • sweetveg

      I look forward to hearing how this plays out for you in the next four weeks! 🙂 One scenario is you will get more insight into what is getting in the way of having the balance you are wanting. Then you will have an opportunity to start making different choices. Sending love.