Playing with the Moon: Scorpio New Moon

Starting with the September New Moon in Virgo, I have been setting intentions with the new moon and seeing it play out through the moon cycle. I had no idea playing this game would be so powerful. It has accelerated my growth like a rocket ship.

This past month I set intentions around balance and relationship with the Libra New Moon. I cried through the first two weeks as I released past hurts, then with the illumination of the full moon, anger started surfacing. I have been spending lots of time with trees and this helps immensely, along with a group I am in that creates space for deep feelings. One of the intentions I set is that I feel safe in my body. I gained insight into how past experience has kept me from having relationships with men simply for lack of feeling safe. I also set the intention that I am at the center of my life. All sorts of events gave me a chance to really put this into action.

Now that I have set intentions for a few moon cycles, I can see how the integration of one cycle feeds right into the intentions for the next cycle. After months of not playing, I took my guitar in to get new tuners and immediately saw how this was going to lead me right into Scorpio deeply felt expression. I sang and made up songs almost continuously as a child and stopped as I grew into adulthood and became self-conscious about it. I’m terrified, but one of my new intentions will be around writing songs and actually sharing them with other people.

Image from Tao55 /
Image from Tao55 /

I am hoping more of you will join me for this next cycle starting with the Scorpio New Moon Eclipse on Sunday morning, November 3, at about 4:50 am PST. I am not completely clear about my intentions, yet, but they will have to do with deeply felt expression and allowing my deepest desires to bubble forth. Scorpio is about going deep and finding the jewels that we have buried under our conditioning and past hurts. It’s about full, integrated, authentic expression no matter how deep we have to go and how scary it might seem to retrieve our true selves. To learn more check out this brilliant post, The Phoenix Rises, by my friend Brett. There is also a page on his website specifically about The Moon Game.

What would the world be like with every one of us fully alive, excited and overflowing with our full potential and true expression? We see this in children sometimes. We can be that. It just might mean facing some fears. The world needs us. We need us.

Please let me know in the comments or contact me personally to share your Scorpio New Moon intentions. I would love to hear them and to know that you are playing the game with me.




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  1. Lee-Lee

    Thank you! Luv this topic and not totally sure of all my intentions for New New Moon Scoprio that started early this am. The tree that lives right next to the window by my bed kept crashing into with all the storm and I kept thinking how things seem windy around me, but I need to stay ground like the tree and also make presence known like it. Finding out more how to go for my dreams even though they are scarrey, face things I am struggling with health and finacnces. Plus heal past hurts and be brave to open my heart to romatic love again!
    Thanks and enjoy the new moon~

    PS Note I am sorry I didn’t call you about lost some very important stuff last month and been behind, overwellemed, etc…

    • sweetveg

      Let me know if there is any way I can support you. This New Moon is also an eclipse, so that adds some intensity. It’s definitely a great opportunity to look deep for what needs to be acknowledged and healed. Just remember how much you are deeply loved and that you have support if you need it.

      • Lee-Lee

        Thank you, have bit hard time facing some dark stuff. But think I am just gonna try small each day to look deep 1 thing or so and just journal to start. Please let me know if have any ideas, etc. Support and Energy for all you are doing too!

        • sweetveg

          That sounds like a great idea! Be gentle and loving with yourself, too, during the process. 🙂

  2. Susmitha - Veganosaurus

    I happen to see this post while I was visiting your VVP recipe. So glad I did.

    I love the energy of the new moon and what it brings as it waxes. I always endeavor to start new things just after the new moon each month.

    But I’ve never played the moon game in connection to the astrological sign. Thank you for sharing this. I’ll be joining the game this upcoming moon cycle. 🙂

    • sweetveg

      Great! In a few days I will be writing about Sagittarius and the next new moon cycle. I’ve been doing it for three months now and it’s pretty powerful. Have fun!