Playing with the Moon: Capricorn New Moon

The first day of this New Year is an important day for letting go of what is no longer needed and embracing the fullness of the life you are wanting to create. The New Moon in Capricorn is at 3:12 am PST. It also happens to be a Super Moon, which means it is closer to the Earth in its orbit. This is a particularly powerful time to get clear about the life you want to be moving into.

Capricorn embodies feminine, earth qualities. If you are interested in more specifics, you can head over to my friend Brett’s Moon Game page at More Than Astrology or head over to his facebook page. Just scroll down a bit to find information about this Capricorn Moon Cycle or other major astrological events happening right now. You can also head on over to a related post at Mystic Mamma.

This is my fifth moon cycle of setting intentions with the new moon. With each month I can see how I am building on a lifelong theme of authenticity and connection to both nature and spirit. Each monthly intention I set is weaving a strong current pulling me into my bigger vision of who I am and my place in this world.

Last month I set several intentions and I think they split my focus and I wasn’t able to keep track of them easily through the whole moon cycle. They still did their magic in my life, but this month I am creating something more simple.

To honor Capricorn this month, I am going to dive deeper into my connection with the cycles of nature. IMG_20130628_095252

Brett uses the word devotion in his facebook post. This is my intention:  Complete Devotion to Nature and My Mother Earth. I am going to become devotion. Devotion in my experience with my body, my experience with others and my experience with everything. One specific act I will do is to spend more time with my bare feet directly on the earth.

One of the elements of Macrobiotics that made so much sense to me from the very beginning of my studies is its foundation in the laws of nature. Wake when the sun rises. Slow down when the sun sets. Eat locally. Eat in alignment with the climate in which you live. One of my favorite teachers, Warren Kramer, says it should be hard for us to stay inside. We should want to be outside all the time. Instead, he has to push clients to even get outside for a 30 minute stroll. This is how disconnected from nature a lot of us have become.

I encourage you to join me in playing this game. I am having so much fun and can see my life changing in powerful ways.

Here is a previous post explaining all the details of how to play:

Playing with the Moon



2 Responses

  1. Lee-Lee

    Happy 2012 and new cap. Moon!! My intent w/ this cycle (plus sort resolution) is be more devoted to my health and ways to nuture/sustain it. Feel bit off track with holidays and a lot sugar treats. Plus obligation to see and enterain family, etc with. I dropped ball with taking good care of myself inside and out. I plan to eat better, get outside or enjoy nature as much as possible to feel conntected to and relaxed by. mediate and rest/relax more. THANKS!

    • sweetveg

      Great, Lee Lee. Let me know if there is anything I can do to lend some support. Here’s to a wonderful year full of possibility.