World Sound Healing Day February 14

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Please join us as we combine our love and positive healing energy all over the world for World Sound Healing Day. The event takes place at noon your time anywhere on our planet on February 14.

All you need to do is tone the “AH” sound and vibration for 5 minutes creating and projecting this energy with compassion and love. The goal is to send healing energy to our planet and our waters and to raise consciousness. Even if you aren’t available at noon, you can participate at any time Friday, February 14 and you will still add your energy to creating a shift for the planet.

My friend LOLA Singer created a wonderful video demonstrating sounds to activate our chakras. In the video she also talks about this event. “AH” is related to the heart chakra and she demonstrates this in the video.

More details for World Sound Healing Day can be found over at their website and at Healing Sounds.

Thank you for joining us!