Playing with the Moon: Pisces New Moon

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I started playing the Moon Game with the Virgo new moon last September. See my first post Playing with the Moon. Each month of setting intentions specific to the new moon astrological sign has been different. This last month of Aquarian new moon intention was really hard, but I also set my sights high. I set my intention on shifting my own personal patterns of oppression at an even deeper level than I had before.

When I started out, I was thinking this would mean I would continue my work against racism and all the other ways oppression affects my connections to other people. I am a white, U.S. citizen. Except for the fact that I am not male, it doesn’t get much more oppressor than that. The patterns are instilled at an early age, so they can show up in very subtle ways. They can affect our ability to connect deeply with other people and to be able to think clearly and rationally.

So this past month, I started seeing oppression in ways I hadn’t ever seen before. I saw it in my own household, in several different groups I am involved with, in how I relate to children and in my relationship with my body. I also felt oppression directed at me, as a female. Hard things to look at and feel, but I think it’s necessary for me to move myself forward and to be the kind of person who is able to really think well of all life on our planet.

It’s not that I haven’t worked on this in many different ways for a long time, but this month I was able to see how my intention to focus on shifting patterns more deeply created a sweeping movement of change in my life. I am not relating to people the same as I was at the end of January. My relationships with the children I care for has shifted in amazing ways. I am seeing more clearly where I make mistakes in my relationships with people of color and can make steps to apologize when it makes sense to do so.

So, let’s look at the next moon cycle in Pisces. The new moon happens at midnight March 1 PST.

If you would like to get some insight into how to set Pisces intentions, you can find a great post and insights over at Mystic Mamma.

Pisces plays a very big role in my astrological chart, so I have given this cycle quite a bit of thought. I have a tendency to over give to the point of depletion and right now I have been so busy I haven’t had much free time. Tomorrow, I leave for The Taste of Health cruise lovingly paid for by my friend Ann. How fun to be starting my first part of the Pisces moon cycle on the water with the opportunity to soak in healthy food and relaxation. So one of my intentions is to allow myself to fill up more deeply  in the flow of spiritual waters. I talked about it earlier in the year in my post Receiving, Giving and Spilling Over, but some lessons are life-long and I think this is one of those for me.

Image courtesy of Chaiwat /
Image courtesy of Chaiwat /

I will be spending time in meditation first thing in the morning and in the evening right before bed. During these meditation times, my only focus will be on filling up with the highest light from the universe. I want to begin and end my days filled up.

Two other side intentions will be to increase my sea vegetable consumption and spend more time in water.

I hope you are thinking of joining me this month. It’s a wonderful time to start and I love seeing how the game plays out in my life.

If you happen to be going on the Taste of Health cruise, come find me!! Leave a note in the comments or send me a note. I would love to meet you in the sun!