Class: Choosing High Vibration Food

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I returned home from The Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise over one week ago. However, it has taken me a while to settle in. I had an amazing experience, both lovely and difficult. I will be writing about it in the near future, but first I want to tell you about a class I am teaching in Seattle on Friday, March 28.

One of the things I have been looking at in the past few months are those things that came naturally to me as a child. One of them is the ability to perceive and transfer energy and feelings. So far, I can do this with plants, animals, people, spirits and gems.

I believe that some of these abilities we have from birth are ones we are meant to share with others.

I finally found a teaching space after almost two years of looking. I thought I was looking for a space specific for teaching cooking classes, but what I have come to realize is that I have something bigger to offer than just cooking. I am going to teach how to feel the vibration and health of the foods you choose to bring into your body. The food we consume creates the cells of our body and give us a certain energy for our life. This is very important when we are focusing on moving into a place of increased health, energy, spiritual growth and connection to ourselves, other people and the planet.IMG_20130601_134222

I think a lot of us already know that our food has a life force. Maybe you have even heard that eating root vegetables can make you feel more grounded or have experience with wine making you feel more relaxed. But, many people don’t actually know what a healthy carrot or apple feels like. They are unaware that the contents of a box of cereal is actually pretty dead energetically. Or, they forget to utilize their senses every time they are making choices about what to put in their body.

I am going to help you experience how to choose those foods that have the most life force and that your body is genuinely asking for.

My first class will provide the seeds for getting started. In the coming months, we will also look at how cooking style imparts a specific energy to our meals and how to trace the energy of our food as it goes into and is assimilated into our body. We will also look at the relationship between our health and eating locally and seasonally. As we do this study, we will find that we are increasingly connected to our bodies, nature and the natural rhythms of the seasons.


Choosing High Vibration Food
March 28
7-8:30 pm

Little Heart Space
4131 Woodland Park Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103

Contact:  teresa at sweetveg dot org

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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2 Responses

  1. Susan Purcell


    I’m in Portland and saw the picture of green onions on your web page about the wonderful class you are teaching on the 28th, Choosing High Vibration Food. Though I am 3 hours away, I will do my best to attend.

    And since you have a picture of green onions, I just have to ask: are they a “high-vibration food”?

    Thanks. If you can give a simple yea or nay, or answer in an email or comment, great. I hope so.


    • sweetveg

      Hi Susan. There are a lot of factors in whether a particular food/plant has a high vibration or strong qi. Those particular green onions did. I could feel it. They came from a farmer in Bellingham, WA who has lovely produce, including some amazing turnips that I bought several times last Spring.