Playing with the Moon: Aries New Moon

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Combine a Caribbean cruise the whole first week of the Pisces New Moon Cycle and a girl with a full Pisces Astrological Chart and what do you get? A floaty, overcommitted mess of a month. Well, not quite that bad, but it was definitely tumultuous.

Thank you dear Sun for moving into Aries last week to give me some hands on my back pushing me forward. I love Pisces dearly, but I was ready for something solid.

So, here we are. At the beginning of the next New Moon Cycle, even though my head still feels like it’s swimming. Our Aries New Moon is at 11:45 am March 30 PST. If you are just joining us for The Moon Game, you can read more here. Basically, we set intentions at the New Moon and follow them through for the whole moon cycle. This month we set Aries intentions.615

Where do you need to take some big, bold courageous steps into being the full, beautiful, bright, authentic and powerful being that you truly are? It’s time. Right now. If you are afraid or need a little boost of confidence, contact me. We are in this together. I’m serious.

By looking at where Mars is in your natal chart, you can get a sense for where your warrior energy lies. Along with Pisces, I also have big Aries energy. For me, this means taking what I need for myself so I can be a strong warrior for myself and my community.609

The Pisces cycle showed me this so clearly. Many times during the past month I was faced with my tendency to nurture others to the point of exhaustion. That’s a great pattern to shift. I am now very clear that I need to keep myself full at all times. So full that I am spilling over. Perfect for moving into this next month of standing strong and full in my power.

This past week, I did a presentation, taught a class and the children of my heart (twins) turned 18. I am organizing a workshop in a few weeks. These are huge endeavors for me. But, I am doing it. I am moving into my calling. I am saying yes even when I am terrified. I am not doing it alone. I have friends who support me. Where are you called to say yes to in the next few months? Do you have your support network in place? You will be so much more powerful with people who are able to think well of you by your side.

If up until now you have been unaware of the incredible energies aligning in our universe, I really want to encourage you to read more about this powerful Aries New Moon here at Mystic Mamma. These times we are living in are amazing for accelerated personal and spiritual growth. Our world is changing. I would love for you to bring your consciousness and awareness into this journey.

My friend Brett Joseph over at More Than Astrology will be in Tubac, AZ celebrating the Lunar Eclipse next month. You can find more information about the Lunar Eclipse Camp here. There will be a campfire, mythical storytelling and a chance to see the eclipse under clear sky. It looks like a really great experience and I wish I could attend.

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