Macrobiotic in Seattle: Plum Bistro

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Seattle has an abundance of restaurants that cater to local food sources and the vegan crowd. But, a lot of these restaurants tend to be pricey. I am willing to pay for a delicious, beautiful meal. However, I am loving my own cooking more than anyone else’s. So, when I go out for a meal, it’s to relax and it’s for convenience. Fancy isn’t always relaxing.IMG_20140422_114322


My new favorite place is actually an old favorite, reconfigured. Plum Bistro has a smaller venue, Plum Pantry, at the Seattle Center Armory. If you haven’t been there, you are missing out on some of the most delicious, healthy and inexpensive meals in the city. Here’s the menu. They have a wide variety of offerings, but I like the grain and greens combination, heated through with a generous amount of the roasted vegetables of the day. Plum Pantry also serves up a variety of salads by the pound, juices and smoothies, sandwiches, one pot meals and vegan desserts. All at super reasonable prices. We love to get our meal to go and sit outside by the big fountain or in many of the different outside spaces at the Seattle Center. The fountain music this year is wonderful.IMG_20140401_130631

I also love Plum Bistro’s Happy Hour at their 12th Ave location. Plum Bistro’s dinner menu tends to have too many flavors and textures for me. However, their Happy Hour is super fun and reasonably priced. Some friends and I went there for my birthday in March. We tried a trio of mini soft tacos, several mini burgers, side salads and dessert. Everything was delicious and with more variety than a lot of other happy hours out there. Vegan comfort food is fairly easy to find, but healthy vegan food is to be celebrated!

All I can say is yum! Thank you, Plum Bistro!!IMG_2281