Playing with the Moon:  Gemini New Moon

Playing with the Moon: Gemini New Moon

I felt an amazing shift in my relationship with my body during this past month’s moon cycle. My intentions for the Taurus New Moon centered around putting my body first in every way.

I made a commitment to enjoy some form of movement every day. Dance, yoga, stretching, biking, trail running. Any movement had to be joyful and what my body was asking for. I checked in with my body frequently during the whole month and learned so much about what makes it happy. I even chose dancing over spiritual endeavors several times. Not that they always need to be separate, but this decision really stood out for me this month. What would that be like for you to only choose those activities that really make your body excited?072

Diet wise, I took a month off of baked flour (bread, chips, crackers, etc), cane sugar and decaf Americanos. This has made a huge difference in the way I felt through my whole monthly cycle. Also, because I didn’t have any of the distractions that sugar can provide, I was able to stay aware of how I was feeling and learned an incredible amount about my body’s rhythms. This will continue into the next month as the intentions get integrated this week.

Playing with the Moon

I want to spend a little time on the nuts and bolts of the Moon Game. It’s a beautiful way to set intentions in alignment with the rhythm of a cycle of nature. The game repeats itself with every New Moon and continues throughout that moon cycle. Set intentions with the New Moon related to the sign it is in that month. Then follow those intentions through the whole month until the next New Moon.

The first week of the cycle is about seeding those intentions. The second week starts with the first quarter moon and the seed of our intentions start sprouting. As the seed sprouts we get to see what conditions are keeping it from growing well. The sign the moon is in at that time will give you a clue about where the conflict between where we are and what we want related to the intentions we set. The Full Moon in week three shines light on our intentions. It’s a time of illumination and blossoming. Again, look to the sign the moon is in to see the flavor of the illumination. The fourth week is the week of integration and harvest. Then, the cycle starts again with the next New Moon. This game is a wonderful way to get in touch with our own authentic self, set intentions on a regular basis and follow them through for a full cycle of action and reflection. It is also helping me get more in touch with nature.

Gemini New Moon

May 28 11:40 AM Pacific Time. I have to say it. I am trying to embrace air signs, but it hasn’t come easy. The things that really stick out for me about Gemini? Playful, Tricky, Twins. I am more than a little nervous.IMG_20130628_091629

So, how will this play out? I am actually not really sure. Everything I have read says this will be a powerful and dynamic moon cycle. My experience is that the longer I play this game, the more powerful and transformative each month gets. For more information on this specific New Moon cycle, head over to Mystic Mamma. I love reading about the insights highlighted each month and you will learn about other astrological aspects playing out during this time as well. My friend Brett writes about setting intentions with this Gemini New Moon over at More Than Astrology.

My intentions are to stay true to my heart, my deep inner sense of truth and allow myself to really let go and play. A huge part of my journey to reclaim my authentic self and full expression is to choose experiences that push my full being to radiate and shine. Nothing gets this going for me like an adventure.IMG_20130628_095252


One thing that’s already in the works the first week of this moon cycle is a trip to Philadelphia to spend time with a man I met on a cruise a few months ago. What is he like? Well, he loves to play and he loves nature. I can’t say that I know if he’s tricky, yet. No matter how it plays out, I am already charting new territory with this one. I trust that it will be just right for my first week of Gemini New Moon intentions.

Along with my big Philadelphia adventure, I am also embarking on new business territory. I am in the middle of putting a new website together focused completely on my Body Spirit Integration technique. You will be one of the first to know when that is up and running. I am already working with clients. My heart sings with joy and sweetness as I am being called to play this role in helping us heal our relationship with our bodies.

Are you playing this Moon Game with me, yet? I would love to hear about it. Feel free to jump on board. There’s really no right or wrong way to play and it keeps getting better every month.