Playing with the Moon: Cancer New Moon

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I don’t know about you, but this past month has been exhausting for me. I have been out-of-town for four weekends in a row and will be gone the next two weekends as well. I recharge by getting time alone and this just hasn’t been happening to the extent that I need.

This is particularly important in light of the New Moon in Cancer this Friday morning, June 27 at about 1:09 am PST. I correlate Cancer with nurturing, home and mother and I am in need of all three.

I have been setting intentions with the New Moon for 10 moon cycles. With this New Moon, I set intentions to release the shadow and bring in the light specifically in the astrological sign of Cancer. There are links at the bottom of this post if you would like more information about ways to work with Cancer during this cycle.

A huge part of my exhaustion this past month can be attributed to mothering and nurturing anyone who came across my path who looked like they needed help. This moon cycle is the perfect time to release care-taking patterns that are no longer serving me.

I have intentions to dive more deeply into nurturing my whole being. Not just my physical body, like I did with the Taurus New Moon, but my emotional health as well. It’s clearly not okay for me to put my physical body in danger. But, it’s also not okay for me to put myself in situations where I become emotionally drained, especially not to the point of feeling completely empty.

I commit to only helping people in ways that feel in alignment with my highest good. I am already doing this in many ways and I view this month as one of refinement and integration. See Receiving, Giving and Spilling Over.

Cancer is one of the water signs, so she will also be encouraging us to feel the full range of our feelings. I continue my commitment to allow full expression of my emotions, even when it feels uncomfortable.

What are you being called to release and embrace during this Cancer New Moon cycle?

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