Taking Action on Goals and the Boeing Conscious Wellness Expo

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Did you set any goals last January that you forgot about or are still waiting for completion?

One of my goals was to have a table doing readings at a psychic fair. My intention is to follow a similar path my friend Melissa Peil took when she was just getting started in her work as a psychic medium. She did quite a few psychic fairs in the beginning. Her business at Mystical Awakenings is now thriving and she is doing more teaching and has the outline of a book she will be writing.

Some goals seem effortless to bring to fruition. Others take many steps of letting go of limiting beliefs and fears. Most of my fears have to do with becoming a bigger presence in the world, but I keep moving into more of my best self no matter how scared I get.

I have no doubt in my abilities. With each session I do with people, I am struck with how my gifts and training are coming together seamlessly to provide Body Spirit Integration to those wanting deeper connection and healing in their body and spirit. When I bring in an energetic view of our food and lifestyle it adds a very grounded, practical level of healing to support transformation and growth way beyond our sessions.

I will be at the Boeing Conscious Wellness Expo this Saturday, July 26. The event is free and open to the public from 10am-4pm. It is located outside of Seattle at Kent Commons in Kent, WA. Donated gifts and readings from all venders will be drawn every hour. There will be speakers as well.

I will be doing 15 minute combined readings and energy healing so it’s a great place to come and get a taste of my work. If you want some macrobiotic guidance, you can request that as well. Several friends will be there as well. Among them are Susan and Ginny with I AM Spirit Art doing combined readings and a drawing of one of your spirit guides. Todd Rohlsson, Living Light Alchemy Design, will also be there with his Living Light Energy Discs.IMG_20130916_164549

Some of you have a goal you haven’t started bringing to fruition. Right now is actually the best time to take some action on it, no matter how small your first step may seem. The Universe loves when we step forward into the life we are wanting. We’re all cheering you on!

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    • sweetveg

      Thanks! I am definitely pushing against the edges of my comfort zone.