It’s Winter Solstice: Hold Your Horses

Friday evening I participated in a Solstice Ritual led by Christine Arylo. She walked us through looking at the past year, our surprises, successes and failures. Then she had us look at our failures, let go of thinking that no longer serves us and transform them into the learning we would take into 2015.

If you would like to participate, here is a link to the 75 minute audio and small guidebook.

Photo courtesy of papaij2008 at
Photo courtesy of papaij2008 at

One thing Christine said has really stayed with me. This time of year is a time for reflection, stillness and listening. It’s not quite time for setting intentions for the next year. It’s actually really important to take the time to pause and reflect. To gather the wisdom learned.

This was so good for me to hear. She was right. I was already starting to set intentions for 2015, without taking stock and celebrating 2014. Christine even goes so far as to say that unless we look back and remember what happened, it’s almost like it didn’t happen.

I know for me, when I look back at my successes, I feel strong, brave, powerful and intelligent. I get to take this knowledge into the next year. When I look at the surprises, I can see how the universe is supporting me and how well I embrace the unexpected. When I look at the failures and really acknowledge and feel the pain, embarrassment and anger, I can transform them into the learning I will take with me and toss out the old beliefs that keep me stuck.

So, hold your horses. Take time over the next few days to really look back and claim this past year. Look at your surprises, successes and failures. Gather up the learning to bring into 2015, let go of the rest. I recommend checking out Christine’s audio and writing exercises.

A friend and I did this Solstice Ritual together last year and are doing it again today. It’s wonderful to have someone to share those successes and failures with. 2014 has been very significant for me. I think part of it has to do with having the perspective gained from the reflection we did last year at this time.

Also, remember to take a moment and set intentions with the very powerful New Moon in Capricorn that occurs today, Sunday, at 5:35 pm PST. I am setting intentions of alignment between my body and my right livelihood. My relationship with my body is at the core of my purpose and work in the world. I continue to learn how to listen to my body and gather its wisdom and to make that wisdom a priority in all the ways I move in the world.

To stillness and listening during this time of reflection.
Much love,