Flying Apron Seattle, WA

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Flying Apron is a vegan and gluten-free bakery with one store in the Fremont area of Seattle and another one just east of Seattle, in Redmond.

I have not been a huge fan of their baked goods, although they seem to be getting better. Most of them have unrefined cane sugar, which I try to stay away from. Plus, a lot of them tend toward that gritty texture/taste that some gluten-free products have.

However, I still eat there regularly. I am in love with several of their savory options. They always have two soups and a variety of salads. All delicious. But, what I keep coming back for are the lasagne and pizza. Yum. It’s not often that I can find a vegan, gluten-free lasagne that satisfies that specific craving. At least not out.20150113_101919[1]

Last night I had some of the Veggie Aioli pizza. It wasn’t a traditional kind of pizza. I am not sure if the crust had cornmeal in it, but it had that kind of crispy texture. It was piled with vegetables, without a trace of vegan cheese. I enjoy some vegan cheese every once in a while, but I really only like the homemade unprocessed kind. To get a pizza without processed vegan cheese is lovely. It was delicious and completely satisfying.

I think the prices for soup, salad, pizza and lasagne are reasonable, too. So I keep going back.

As for the baked goods, here is my experience:  I like the maple sweetened muffin with berries, the morning peanut butter bar and the peanut butter chocolate ball. The macaroons are okay. The cupcakes, shortbread and chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are good, but have cane sugar. I haven’t tried the pies. The pecan cinnamon roll has gotten better over the past year or two.

Flying Apron also has a gluten-free bread of the day. Some breads are better than others, and often pretty salty. But, when I am having a craving for bread, it definitely hits the spot. Especially when accompanied with a bowl of their soup.