Warren Kramer: Portland, OR, March 26-29

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Warren Kramer will be in Portland, OR, providing lectures, cooking class and consultations the last weekend of March. More information about Warren, including his travel schedule, can be found over at Macrobiotics of New England.

I attend all of Warren’s events in Portland and can often be found assisting in the kitchen. I also organize his workshops when he travels to Seattle. I find his teaching to be informative and inspirational, with very practical applications. He is a gifted teacher and macrobiotic counselor. Plus, he is one of the best macrobiotic cooks I know. His meals are delicious.IMG_20130219_141131

A discount is available for prepaying and for attending all events.


Thursday, March 26th, 7pm:  Lecture with tea & dessert  at Tabor Space, Portland, OR

Myths & Misconceptions about Macrobiotics and Nutrition   Helpful for anyone seeking reliable information about health and macrobiotics, Warren’s first lecture will demystify macrobiotics and clarify some current nutritional beliefs such as: “You need dairy products to prevent osteoporosis.” “Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day.” “Cooking destroys nutrition.” “Animal products are the best source of protein” and “Macrobiotics is only a diet for cancer.”  An inspiring and informative lecture – bring your questions! $20 prepaid by March 15 ($30 if paid later)

Friday March 27th, 6:30pm:  Dinner and lecture, Oregon City, OR 

Aging Gracefully: The Keys to Youthfulness   Enjoy a delicious vegan, gluten-free dinner and learn about the real fountain of youth! Our modern diet and lifestyles are causing people to age quickly and prematurely.  We’ve become obsessed with our appearance and staying young.  There is truly a way to keep our freshness, brightness and youthful appearance throughout our life.  People living a more natural lifestyle and eating grains and vegetables appear 5-7 years younger than their age. Warren will explain how to use food, exercise and lifestyle to age gracefully and retain youthfulness.  Relevant to all ages!  $45 prepaid by March 15 ($55)

Saturday March 28th, 9:30am – 3pm:  Cooking class, lunch & lecture, Oregon City, OR

Cooking Class:  Quick Healthy Cooking & Creative Use of Leftovers

One of the biggest challenges that people face day to day while trying to improve their health is simply not having enough time to cook.  In this class you will learn techniques for cooking quickly and efficiently in the kitchen without compromising your health or the taste of the food.  Warren will demonstrate some delicious dishes using common leftovers. A full vegan, gluten-free meal will be served and recipes provided.

Lecture following lunch:  Understanding and Applying Yin and Yang in Daily Life
Yin and yang are the complementary and antagonistic forces or qualities found in all objects and processes in the universe. The application of this fundamental principle can make balancing our daily lives and meals much easier and more rewarding. Warren will lead a fun, thought provoking, interactive lecture and discussion looking into the many ways yin and yang can be seen and applied in cooking and in our daily lives. $85 prepaid by March 15 ($100)

All meals are vegan and gluten-free.IMG_20121028_114849

Warren Kramer is also available for personal macrobiotic health consultations.  A consultation includes a completing a detailed health questionnaire, a 90-minute one-on-one counseling session with Warren, individualized recommendations for strengthening or regaining your health, a recipe booklet and access to him post consultation for questions and support.

To register or for more information about the cooking class, lectures or consultations, please contact either me or Patty Bauer at macro4u2@gmail.com.

I hope to see you there!