A Super Easy Way to Keep a Food Diary

When I first started macrobiotics, I kept a food diary for several months. I tracked meals, sleep, mood and several body functions related to health. This gave me so much information about my body. It also helped me see when I was getting in a food rut, when I was eating more sugar or eating out more often than I thought. It’s a great tool.

But, really? Who has the time and motivation to write every meal down, in all its specifics, plus all the other health related information in a day? So, I stopped and I have been trying to get back into the habit ever since.

Last night in those moments right before falling asleep, I decided to look one more time for an app that could help me track my meals. So, I rolled over, grabbed my phone, did a search and found Two Grand.

I was going to wait for a few weeks to see if I still like this app and am able to stay motivated to input information every day. However, I was too excited to wait. I wanted to share it with you right away.

I think Two Grand is brilliant. Instead of writing down or searching for every single ingredient or meal, I just take a photo. I am not interested in how many calories or portion sizes in my meal. I just want to be able to remember what I ate, and the time that I ate, so I can track patterns and hold myself accountable.

The app also has a lot of other fun options. Using the app, you can also choose some goals for yourself, like not eating after 7 pm or going on a 30 minute walk, and it gives you daily reminders. I am going to add a 7 day Body Rub Challenge because I have slacked off on that in the past few weeks. There’s a way to track exercise, but I’m not ready to explore that, yet.

I can also follow people with similar food interests, see what their meals are like, share recipes and get inspired. I can buddy up with a friend so we can inspire each other.

So, if you are interested, check it out. You can follow me at Tess11 to see what my meals look like. I might just follow you back.

UPDATE:  This app is now called YouFood and I am still finding it to be very useful. I haven’t discovered any other Macrobiotic users, but I have found a very sweet Nutritarian community and am getting so much support. It’s lovely.

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