Refreshing Tangerine Pudding

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A slightly less tangy variation of my lemon pudding, this is a wonderful dessert to add to your mild, sweet dessert rotation. Fruit puddings are a wonderful, relaxing way to satisfy your cravings for sweet while still prioritizing your health. We … Continued

Embracing Change

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June was a doozy for me. Haven’t heard that word for a while? Well, it’s the only word that fits. I know that I’m not alone. Many friends and people I have worked with are saying the same thing. It’s … Continued

Breadfarm: Edison, WA

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We have an abundance of artisan sourdough bread being produced in the Seattle area. However, my personal favorite, Breadfarm in Edison, WA, is worth a trip up north. Some of my favorite flavors right now are the seasonal Allium Loaf and … Continued

Farm Resilience Research

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In 2009, a group of WWU researchers in Bellingham, WA, began studying local farming. One of the results of their project, an award winning short film, can be viewed on their website, The study examines threats to small and medium … Continued

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