Your body loves you unconditionally. No matter how you feel you have treated it in the past, it wants to support you and your life. If you are interested in hearing what your body has to tell you while being supported in a loving and safe space, then you are in the right place.

I am a gifted healer and psychic. Communicating with our human bodies fills me with incredible joy. I have communicated with spirits and other high level beings my whole life and in the past few years have integrated communication with our physical bodies as well.

We know the value and importance of listening to our body. We feel things in our body and listen to cues like congestion, backache, fear, sore feet and nausea, but we don’t often know what it means. Plus, there is so much more our bodies would like us to know. Most of us weren’t taught how to listen deeply and connect with our bodies in a loving way. Sometimes I play the role of mediator. Other times I act more as a guide.

My main purpose is to help you learn to listen to the wisdom of your body at a much deeper level. As soon as you start building that relationship, your body will wake up more and start to communicate more with you.

Here are some questions we might pose in a session:

What really brings your body joy?
How does your body really feel about your living environment and what could make it better?
How can you help your body feel safe?
Why is your body having certain symptoms?
What foods does your body need to create balance?
What is appropriate exercise/movement for your body?
What are you really doing well in your relationship with your body?

A typical session with me is about 60 minutes. I communicate with your body and provide healing energy at the same time. I find I get a lot more information when I do it this way. I can come to your home or location of choice. I also provide sessions over phone or Skype.

Before the session, you may ask me a few questions you would like guidance about. We talk for a few minutes at the beginning of our session, then you get nice and comfy and I begin the work. At the end of our time together, I will highlight messages I received from your body, any insights I have from the healing work and a few powerful actionable steps to take moving forward.

60 minute session-$80
90 minute session-$120