Day 9: Vegetables with Breakfast Challenge and Cabbage Wrapped Mochi

I own a cookbook called The Good Morning Macrobiotic Breakfast Book. I think I have only used it once. I keep it around because I think it’s sweet, it’s out of print and one of the authors is a macrobiotic cook and teacher who is no longer with us, Aveline Kushi. A few days ago I opened it to see if there was an interesting way to cook vegetables that I hadn’t tried. I found cabbage wrapped mochi.

I love food that’s wrapped. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the joy of tucking a surprise inside or my tendency to like things that are neatly packaged. Rice balls wrapped in nori, fresh salad rolls and tofu cabbage pockets. They are all so much fun! I am really glad I found this recipe and know a few children who will love it, too.

Cabbage Wrapped Mochi

whole cabbage leaves (2-3 per person)
plain or savory mochi cut into 1 1/2 ” squares (1 for each cabbage leaf)

1.  Lay a leaf of cabbage in front of you with the stem end toward you. Lay the mochi in the middle and fold all the sides in, encasing the mochi. Place with the fold down so it stays together. Continue with as many cabbage leaves as you are doing.

2.  In a medium size skillet, bring a little water to a boil. Lay the cabbage bundles in the water with the fold down. Turn the heat to low so the water is simmering. Cover. Let cook until the mochi is soft and the cabbage is cooked. This took  about 4 minutes for me.

3.  Eat immediately. Mochi is not as good if it cools.


Try to only make what you will eat. These don’t make good leftovers.

In the recipe it says you can put a little corn or diced carrot on top of the mochi before closing the cabbage leaf.

I felt like it could use a little seasoning so the next time I make them I might add a bit of shoyu in the water or a few drops on top of the mochi before cooking. It would also be good served with a little sauerkraut.

Things you can do the night before:

  • You can do everything except cook these the night before.
  • Set the skillet on the stove with a little water so it’s all ready to go. Every little bit helps!

And the winner of last week’s giveaway is:  

Both Emmy at emmycooks and Hannah at Gypsy Roller’s Veggie Kitchen will receive 10 oz bottles of my favorite umeboshi vinegar.

See you tomorrow for another recipe and giveaway! Be ready to comment about your 10-day vegetable breakfast adventure!