Setting Intention with Our Actions

One of my gifts is the ability to see an infinite number of possibilities. Sit with me for a bit, tell me how your life is going and I will start seeing numerous directions you could go from where you are in the present moment. Related to this is that I am also an idea person. I don’t really think of myself as a dreamer. I have a very practical, nuts and bolts side to my being. I do have big visions, though. I hope you do, too.

I am preparing to teach a few classes next month. I already have so much I want to share and teach, but now that I have committed to teaching, it’s like a dam broke loose and even more information is flooding in. It feels so good to be in the flow of creative energy.

One of the ideas that is coming in strongly is how every action we take throughout the day creates our world. This is a big one and it’s important. Pause right now and take a moment or two to really feel what it means. Not just some of our actions. Every action we take creates our world.

I am sure we have all heard about manifesting and setting intentions. Write them down, feel them as if they are happening right now and then allow the universe to swoop in and make all of our dreams come true. “Make sure it’s clear or you may not get exactly what you were hoping for.” That kind of stuff. This is conscious manifesting.

But what about all those other times in the day where we are setting intentions not so consciously? We choose to say yes to meet someone for coffee, but we would prefer to go for a walk, and not with that person. We put our earplugs in and listen to music on the bus instead of connecting to the person beside us. We know that our purchases support companies or local businesses that we either do or don’t believe in.

With each of our actions, we set an intention about what is most important to us and we will manifest more even if it’s not what we truly desire. At the very least it will slow us down from getting what we really want. It’s not enough to just wish for something. We also need to ACT like we really want it and be willing to change our actions to match what we want more of in our lives. We are not living in a passive reality. Creation is an active force.

By actively pursuing things we don’t believe in, we get more things we don’t believe in. It’s time to change this pattern. On all levels. I want you to go after even those things that seem insignificant. We actually DO have the power to create the life we want.

What is your vision for your life? What are you creating through your actions? On a scale of 1-100, how much are you in alignment with your vision for your life, our world and our planet? Where can you bring awareness and action into your daily choices?IMG_20130601_134222

I am passionate about food, healing and spiritual growth. The food we consume is a powerful way to set our intention as we build our cells energetically at the foundation of our physical body. My first classes will focus on how to feel our bodies, how to feel food and how to choose and prepare the foods that will support spiritual growth and our connection to nature. I am really excited to share my skills and information with you. Classes start in March in Seattle, WA. More details to come.


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  1. Melissa

    I love this post! Your truest essence shines so brightly! xoxo

    • sweetveg

      Thank you Melissa! That means a lot to me. 🙂