Macrobiotic in Portland, OR

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I travel frequently to visit friends and spend time with the macrobiotic community in Portland, OR. A three-hour drive from Seattle puts me right in the middle of an even more vegan-friendly city than Seattle. IMG_20140216_100509

If you are ever in Portland, OR, Blossoming Lotus is one of my favorite restaurants. I tend to like healthy vegan comfort food when I go out to eat, and I especially love brunch. Also, any restaurant that will serve me greens for breakfast makes me smile. On this visit, I even ordered the pumpkin cinnamon roll and it was perfectly soft and not overly sweet  (for a cinnamon roll!). I have been craving a cinnamon roll for months and this one totally satisfied me. More recently, I have been loving their grain bowls, again packed with cooked greens. So yum. Blossoming Lotus is one of many vegan restaurants in Portland and serves both cooked and raw dishes. They also have a variety of gluten-free items.


As far as Portland restaurants, the Prasad family (esp Prasad in the Pearl and Harlow) is another consistent favorite, and my heart belongs to El Nutri Taco if you are looking for a standard, comforting, vegan burrito.

Portland has a really nice macrobiotic community.They used to have monthly potlucks and sometimes I would travel from Seattle to attend them. They are a super warm and friendly group. If you are macrobiotic or macro-curious and traveling through Portland, or happen to be lucky enough to live there, let me know and I will try to connect you. Yum. This particular visit my friend Sandy made vegan, maple syrup sweetened tiramisu. The tiramisu alone was worth the trip down from Seattle. IMG_20140216_134429

Warren Kramer periodically does workshops in Portland, OR, as well. I post them on this site or you can find our about them on his website at Macrobiotics of New England.

One food item I traveled home with are the amazing Three Sisters Nixtamal corn tortillas. These tortillas are made in Portland using freshly ground organic corn. I especially love their blue corn tortillas. They also sell fresh masa. Check out their video.

Do you have any favorite macrobiotic recommendations for people visiting or living in Portland?


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  1. Lee-Lee

    Yum, very cool. Portland is neat city and appreciate tips on good places. The Sat Market is neat and also the international hostel on I think 18th has big kitchen. Went there few years back and than went to market and cooked at hostel to save $ and eat good.

    • sweetveg

      Great suggestion! I love that market, too, plus all the food trucks. 🙂 My friends keep asking me when I am going to move in with them.