Letting Your Vision Guide you Forward

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Richard Dalstrom, the head pastor at a church in my neighborhood left on sabbatical a few weeks ago. In his sermon right before leaving, Renewing Life by Reducing the Rubbish, he talked about Lewis and Clark’s expedition to find a route to the Pacific Ocean.

Photo by J Frasse

As the story goes, at one point in the journey Meriwether Lewis climbed what he thought to be a mountain and saw on the other side the enormous peaks of the Rockies. It was nothing like what he expected. He did not have the skills or tools necessary to cross the Rockies. All he knew was that he would need more than a boat. Instead of quitting the expedition, he adapted.

Sometimes we need “new skills, new tools and a new perspective… We need to adapt to the new realities,” says Dalstrom.

So how do we keep going so that we not only start our journey, but finish it as well? What do we do when the journey isn’t taking us where we thought it would? We keep our goal in mind and we adapt and learn the skills and gain the tools necessary to keep making progress. And we maintain the faith that our vision is worth striving for. Even when it feels like it’s too much. We persevere.

I am feeling overwhelmed with this calling to help all of us strengthen the partnership between our bodies and our spirit. But, one place I know I can put effort is in my writing. I am just going to keep making the time to write. Daily. My goal is to have a book for you in the next month.

It’s hard for me to stay focused. I am an idea person. Idea people aren’t often the ones who complete things. But, I am going to hold my course and get this project completed, even when it feels like I can’t. Especially when I feel like I can’t.

Are you being called to step it up a bit (or a lot) in your life? Are you having a hard time continuing what you have started? I would love to hear about it and what you are going to do to step into your more expanded self. Remember, this is the month of the Leo New Moon. You have a lot of support right now for stepping into your life more fully and brightly.

Let me know about your next steps or where you can use support in the comments or send me a note personally and I will energetically add some wind to your sails. A gift from me.

I am cheering for you. You can do it!!