Delegating to Your Team

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Did you know that you have a whole team out there eager to help you in any way they can? Their skills, power and expertise are readily available if you know how to ask. Here’s how to access them.

I thought I got this idea from Nicole over at Cauldrons and Cupcakes, but I didn’t find the reference in a quick look over her last month of posts. So, if this idea seems familiar and you know where I found it, I would love it if you would let me know in the comments. All that to say, I did not think this one up! But, I am passing it on to you because I think it is brilliant.

So, we all have a team. Some of our team is down here on earth in physical bodies just like us. Some of our team is available in other ways, depending on how you choose to perceive them. Depending on the strength of our connection to our team, we can hear them guiding us, see ways they connect with us and feel loved and supported as we live our lives.

The technique I have been trying out is one of delegation. Here’s how it goes:  Every morning, as soon as you wake up, delegate things on your to-do-list to your team. If you have a hard time imagining them, just pretend. Give them names and imagine what they look like if that helps. Then start delegating jobs to them as if it’s your job to manage this team. It will get easier. I even imagine myself handing a job off to a specific guide and saying “Report back to me when you have completed this task.”

Give them everything you can imagine. You need new socks? Give it to them to figure out. You want your dinner party to have just the right amount of people with a harmonius blend of personalities? Give it to them to manage. Do you want more clients? More readership for your blog? A more satisfying job? You actually don’t have to do it all and you can get so much more done if you hand jobs out to your team.20141209_111959[1]

Give them little and big things, then watch your day unfold and be open to how they provide assistance. It may not look like what you thought it would, but they know what they are doing and you can always refine your request as you go.

I had to play around with this a bit because I found it hard to remember to delegate in the morning when I woke up. So, what seems to work is to start my delegation in the evening right before bed. Then, when I wake up, I see my notes right there beside my bed and can continue. I think for me it’s also going to take a bit of learning for me to be comfortable with delegating. I have a huge independent streak and often want to do everything myself. But, I keep thinking about how much more I can accomplish and how many more people I can connect with if I learn how to use all of my resources, including my team.

Don’t forget all the people in your life who have skills and would love to help you. Think about which ones belong on your team, too. It is important to work together and share experience and resources. The more we can put our heads together and help each other, the greater our ability to really grow and access even more of our power. I am meeting with a friend this afternoon to get help with social media. Another man just showed up in my life who loves to make videos and offered to work with me. It’s actually super fun to see who appears in your life and what things shift once you get started delegating.

If you have any questions about how to implement this in your life or what it means to delegate to spirit guides, let me know. I would love to share my experience and help you along your path.

Big hugs!