Receiving Your Word For the Year

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This year when I started feeling my word for the year bubbling up, I was more than a little apprehensive. My words have not been rose-colored the past few years. First it was Surrender and last year was Fight, so this year when I started getting inklings, I shoved them back down. “I’m not ready yet,” I told my word. “Give me a few more weeks of peace.”

Some of us hear a word or phrase bubbling up early in December. Your word may surface during the stillness of Winter Solstice or it may not take shape until you already have your feet in January.

If you are still unsure of your word or phrase or haven’t the slightest idea what yours might be, I have some suggestions for how to allow yours to surface. If you pay attention and ask for it to be shown to you, one day soon it will become more clear. Let me know if you still want some extra guidance after trying some of the suggestions below.

Ways to create the space for your word or phrase:

1.  Take some time to quiet your mind. Focus on allowing your internal guidance to speak to you. Make space for it. Notice what words or thoughts start to bubble up immediately. Write down just these very first thoughts. Your word or phrase will likely be among them. Or you may be shown a theme. For example, if you can’t stop thinking about all the things that need to get done then maybe your word for the year would focus on shifting your life so you have space for more relaxation and peace.

2.  Ask for your word in a dream.

3.  Start noticing themes in your life. Then ask yourself, “What’s one word I that if I live and breathe for a whole year would really shift my life in a significant way?”

4.  Try one of the exercises over at Cauldrons and Cupcakes.

How do you know it’s really yours?

1.  The best indicator I know of is by how the word feels. You may feel deep in your gut that it’s a perfect word for your upcoming year. It may be the perfect next step in your journey. Or, you may have the feeling of “On no, not that!” That’s been the case for me. I have known my words by the feeling of fear that comes when I embark on a new adventure; one that really challenges me to expand and grow.

2.  Try your word on for a few days. See how it fits.

3.  Ask for clarification. Maybe you have a word that’s close, but not quite the right one. Or your perception of what that word means for your life is a little off. A lot of people got uncomfortable when I told them my word last year, Fight. It was because their concept of fight wasn’t really what it meant in the context of my life and fighting for myself.

4.  Write about what your life will look like when you embrace and flow into your word. See how it looks when integrated into your year and how your life will be different.

5.  Sometimes we don’t really know for sure, but if you have gotten quiet and a certain word keeps popping up into your awareness, it’s definitely worth exploring and becoming more aware of what it means for your life. It’s showing up for a reason.

My word for this year is Love. When I first started hearing it, I thought there was no way that was my word. I thought it was cheesy and so obvious. But, it makes sense, actually. The past three years, surrender, fight, love flowing into each other. Last year was about learning how to fight with love and for love. I spent the year standing strong in my beliefs, learning how to speak up, putting myself and my body first and strengthening my ability to use love to fight. I am in alignment with my fierceness now.

heart shaped rock
heart shaped rock

Now I get to use that fierceness to expand even further into Love. Love for my body. Love for my work. Love in my relationships and in my love life. Love is amazing in its ability to shift and transform anything. I am excited to yield to its power and feel my heart expanding even as I write this.

And here is some love for you.

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4 Responses

  1. lea

    Awe love & happy new year to you Teresa!! Have flu, but when I’m feeling better will try for my word. Is neat, thanks for being an inspiration and sharing. Lots of LOVE 🙂

    • sweetveg

      Hi Lea. You don’t need to try, just let your word come to you naturally and allow yourself to receive it. I hope you feel better. 🙂

  2. Melissa

    This seems like a perfect fit for you! You have really focused on sharing your love to yourself this past year (being so focused on self-care with your body) and it’s great to expand it outward to the rest of the world now. How exciting!

    My word this year will be: Empowerment 🙂

    • sweetveg

      That’s a great word for you Melissa! I look forward to seeing how your year unfolds with Empowerment woven into it. 🙂