Macrobiotic Coronavirus Lectures with Warren Kramer

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I have a deep appreciation for a whole food plant-based diet and its ability to strengthen my immune system. Add to that the wisdom of macrobiotics, energetic properties of food, maintaining alkalinity and traditional lifestyle practices to balance the modern world. It’s a powerful combination. I feel equipped to navigate through rocky times to the best of my ability.

The information in these two lectures is profound. I hope you are in a place to receive it.

Supporting Mental Well Being During Times of Adversity and Uncertainty

We are all living in very stressful times. Human beings are not meant to be isolated. Financial strain and fears over becoming ill are a reality. So how do we maintain a sense of well-being and stability? This is what Warren will discuss in this timely talk. Using food, lifestyle and a shift in our perception, we can create more peace, balance and stability..

Lecture cost is $30 and the recording will is available to view or download for one month after purchase.

Coronavirus and Flu: How to Strengthen Natural Immunity for Our Best Defense
Weak immunity and acidity is at the foundation of disease. A strong, healthy immune system is vital to survive in modern times. It is a must for a healthy dynamic life. Key elements are minerals and alkalinity. Creating strong blood quality which nourishes our organs is vital. Let’s look at how to do this for our own best defense.

This is Warren’s excellent lecture about COVID-19 and immunity that he recorded in March/April of 2020. The recorded lecture is available. After purchase you will have until the end of the following month to view or download it. $30.

Please head over to the sweetveg shop to register and pay for either lecture.