The Nature of Grief with David Briscoe

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My relationship with grief has been at the forefront of my past year. I have lost several good friends to cancer and many more who are in treatment for it. My sister and her family are deeply struggling and there isn’t much we can do to help. The family I work for is experiencing heartbreak. It’s been a rough year for so many of us.

I am doing many things to help process grief in my life. I allow myself to feel all the feelings. I get weekly acupuncture. If you haven’t discovered the community acupuncture model I highly recommend it. It can make acupuncture a lot more affordable. I stay in bed if I feel like staying in bed. I don’t push myself to get over it or through it. I have started meditating. I take long walks among trees and birds. I talk to friends. And I am learning more about the process of grief.

It’s not easy for me to reach out to supportive people and talk about my own life. I tend to operate from a paradigm of be helpful or remain hidden. I am trying to change this. I am reaching out more often and sharing my experience. I am choosing to spend time with people who are good at listening and who don’t always need for me to be the listener.

One of the people I reached out to recently is David Briscoe, macrobiotic counselor and teacher. David is the first person I think of when it comes to mental health and macrobiotics and he also has his own personal experience with grief.

We all experience grief at various times of our life. Many of us are living with it currently. It’s one of the basic human emotions. I think it’s important to explore our relationship with it. I have asked David to share his insights in an online lecture. I am excited to be able to share his warmth, caring and wisdom with you.

The Nature of Grief and its Relationship to Autumn
A Lecture with David Briscoe

We have all experienced grief. It’s an inevitable part of loving and caring about people and the world. This past year and a half has been especially hard for many of us. David is the first person I thought of to provide insight and wisdom about this topic. Woven throughout the lecture will be insight into the relationship between grief and the lungs and large intestine, the pared organs related to the metal element and the Autumn season. We will learn how to support our health during the grieving process and how to walk with grief as we move through our lives.

$30 for the recording of the online lecture.

You can pay for the lecture using the link below. Lecture is available for viewing on Vimeo for one month from purchase. You may download it to your own computer or cloud for access to the recording after one month.

You can pay for the lecture here.

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