My Favorite Strategy for Eating More Vegetables

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My favorite strategy for getting vegetables on the table at most meals.

Simple, easy to memorize recipes. Yep. That’s it.

If you have the time to wander through your cookbooks, creating new menus and new recipes to try that’s incredible. I love it.

However, many of us have so many obligations during the day, that imagining full course meals and new recipes is overwhelming. Find a few simple recipes you love, make them a few times so you have them memorized and then ditch the recipe.

Get so good at making those handful of recipes that you become super efficient and you already know which ingredients you need to have on hand. Then, when you have those recipes so ingrained you could do them in your sleep, find one or two new recipes to add to the bunch. Go through the same process. Don’t add any more until you have those ones memorized.

In this way, you can build a repertoire of recipes that you don’t need to overthink. You already know what to grab at the store. You don’t need to find that recipe that’s buried somewhere. You can use your time efficiently preparing the dish and sit to enjoy your meal. In the process, you will be eating more vegetables because each time you get ready to cook it doesn’t take you two hours from start to finish. Or you don’t get so overwhelmed thinking about it that you resort to take out.

This may be so simple that you haven’t taken the time to actually put it into place. Some things are like that. So simple we overlook their power.

Start putting it into place this week. Start with Blanched Vegetable Salad. I use this cooking technique to cook a variety of vegetables and it never gets old.

I thought I was going to list a bunch of my strategies, but really, I think this is the most important one. You can look forward to more in a future blog post.

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Love, Teresa