tumbled quartz crystals nestled in sea salt

The Origin of My Kitchen Crystals

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What is it about being sick that can create the space for brilliant ideas to come in? Have you had this experience?

The seed of an idea for my kitchen crystals sprouted about eight years ago. I had this idea to make sea salt blends. It came in as clear as downloads often do. Salt is in crystal form and can hold energy. The special thing about these sea salt blends is that I would infuse them energetically so the sea salt could enter a person’s body and influence energy on a cellular level. They would be a mix of curated sea salts, herbs and energy. So cool. I still get chills.

I was so excited about this idea. I had ideas for a handful of blends and even the names for them. I started doing research and quickly realized that I would need to create these blends in a commercial kitchen because they were a food intended to be ingested. I don’t know all the details and regulations, but I lived in Seattle at the time and it was hard to find an affordable kitchen to use. I became discouraged and the idea has been sitting in the back of my brain, and on pieces of paper in a box in my closet, for years.

Then I caught a virus in the last week of December. I have no idea what I caught, but it was weird, came in through my lungs first and I had the highest temperature in my adult life.

Am I the only one who actually loves to lay in bed feeling awful with only my brain for company? For days. Seriously. I fast on vegetable soup and it’s a whole experience.

And this sea salt blend idea floated back up, with the space and time to actually look at it again. I looked at the energetics of salt and imagined infusing it with my energy and noticed that it didn’t look like it would hold the charge for very long. Hmmm. What if I infused a crystal with specific healing energy and intention and the crystal infused the salt?

Boom! Just like that my idea became practical. Like I had been puzzling over an idea for eight years and then finally had a solution. I no longer needed a commercial kitchen because I wouldn’t actually be selling the salt. People can source their own sea salt. All they need is the crystal and some guidance on how to use it.

My friend Nicole Cody sold me fantastic tumbled quartz crystals from her collection in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. I use my hands and my heart to infuse them with healing intention, love, strength, and courage, and whatever else I am guided to add. I am having so much fun. It’s like you get a bit of me cooking with you in your kitchen.

I have so many ideas for this aspect of my business. I will be sharing more about my personal experience with these crystals. For now, I wanted you to know the origin of the idea.