Aduki Bean Soup with Ginger

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A few weeks ago, I received an email from someone asking about aduki bean soup with ginger. I didn’t have a good place to direct him to, so I made the soup last week and wrote a recipe. My soup … Continued

Adding Vegetables to Breakfast

If you aren’t adding vegetables to your breakfast, you are missing out on one of the best ways to increase your daily servings of vegetables. Including vegetables to our meals increases our daily fiber intake, can reduce the overall calorie … Continued

Millet and Quinoa with Fennel and Sun Dried Tomato

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I love playing around with different combinations of grains. Millet and Quinoa is a favorite of mine because the millet softens the texture of the quinoa a bit and the flavors complement each other. I also love adding random bits … Continued

The Microbiome in the Air We Breathe

You may have heard Zach Bush, MD, talk about the importance of breathing in as many different environments as we can. In my basic understanding, each environment has its own unique blend of microorganisms and by breathing in the air … Continued

Clean Out the Fridge Greens

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I order a weekly vegetable delivery from Dandelion Organic. It’s a local company that sources from organic farms in my area. What I like about this type of subscription is that each week I can go online and see what … Continued

Is Oatmeal Bad for You?

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I am not really concerned about where you fall on the spectrum of is oatmeal good or bad for your health. I know oats have mixed reviews these days. Rolled oats, in particular, can spike blood sugar and contribute to … Continued