Millet and Quinoa with Fennel and Sun Dried Tomato

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I love playing around with different combinations of grains. Millet and Quinoa is a favorite of mine because the millet softens the texture of the quinoa a bit and the flavors complement each other. I also love adding random bits … Continued

Is Oatmeal Bad for You?

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I am not really concerned about where you fall on the spectrum of is oatmeal good or bad for your health. I know oats have mixed reviews these days. Rolled oats, in particular, can spike blood sugar and contribute to … Continued

Spring Barley Salad

This delicious grain and vegetable salad is a perfect addition to your spring menu. I have packed it full of ingredients like barley and asparagus and sauerkraut that are particularly suited to support your body during the cool nights and … Continued

Baked Rice with Red Lentils and Vegetables

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Do you make baked grain dishes? I love them, especially this time of year when our weather is cold and drizzly. This combination is a favorite, with sweet, nourishing Lotus Foods Jade Pearl Rice. The recipe works with a variety … Continued

Millet with Winter Squash

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Have you tried millet with winter squash? It’s one of my favorite combinations. I frequently serve this with breakfast when winter squash is in season. You can either use raw or cooked winter squash in this recipe. If you are … Continued

Savory Forbidden Rice Patties

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I love to try different varieties of whole grain rice. Jasmine rice, forbidden rice, red rice, jade pearl. There are really too many varieties to name. In this recipe I use forbidden rice, also known as black rice, as the … Continued

Making Millet Amasake

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I love making amasake. I think it is super easy and so much more delicious than any store bought ones I have tried. When I make amasake myself, I decide the quality of flavor I want depending on how much rice koji … Continued

Crave Eat Heal: Cookbook Giveaway and Recipe

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One of the many surprises of blogging is meeting people from all over the world. One sweet connection I have made is Annie Oliverio the creative powerhouse over at An Unrefined Vegan. Fun, tasty, inventive recipes and gorgeous photographs taken by … Continued