The Origin of My Kitchen Crystals

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What is it about being sick that can create the space for brilliant ideas to come in? Have you had this experience? The seed of an idea for my kitchen crystals sprouted about eight years ago. I had this idea … Continued

Adding Vegetables to Breakfast

If you aren’t adding vegetables to your breakfast, you are missing out on one of the best ways to increase your daily servings of vegetables. Including vegetables to our meals increases our daily fiber intake, can reduce the overall calorie … Continued

The Microbiome in the Air We Breathe

You may have heard Zach Bush, MD, talk about the importance of breathing in as many different environments as we can. In my basic understanding, each environment has its own unique blend of microorganisms and by breathing in the air … Continued

My Experience with Anxiety

I have experienced anxiety my whole life. In the past few years it’s gotten harder to navigate. I’ve found myself reaching for strong sweet foods and decaf lattes to help myself get through the day. In the very short term … Continued

Spring Barley Salad

This delicious grain and vegetable salad is a perfect addition to your spring menu. I have packed it full of ingredients like barley and asparagus and sauerkraut that are particularly suited to support your body during the cool nights and … Continued

My Favorite Strategy for Eating More Vegetables

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My favorite strategy for getting vegetables on the table at most meals. Simple, easy to memorize recipes. Yep. That’s it. If you have the time to wander through your cookbooks, creating new menus and new recipes to try that’s incredible. … Continued