Lentil Walnut Spread

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I make a bean or lentil spread almost every Sunday to eat throughout the week. I make a large batch of lentils or other bean, use some for soups or grain and bean patties, and some for a bean spread. … Continued

Black Bean Hummus

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When I was living in Seattle, I would buy the black bean hummus made at PCC. I am not even sure if they are making it anymore because in the last few months I lived there, black bean dip started … Continued

Osteoporosis Stew

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I first made this bean soup for a friend about a year ago. We were looking for dishes to support bone health and this stew, with delicious black soy beans, sea vegetables and winter squash, is lovely and super nourishing. … Continued

Super Simple Tofu Ricotta

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I recently shared one of my favorite dishes, Pressed Salad with Tofu Ricotta, at a potluck for our Seattle Macrobiotic Meetup. Pressed salad is delicious and health promoting in numerous ways. I have talked about it several times in earlier posts. … Continued

Falafel with Tahini Sauce and Pressed Salad

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My friend Jen cooks with me regularly and each time we get together we look for recipes we have never made. We both have recommendations from our macrobiotic counselors to eat more oil and fried food. This may seem a little … Continued

Baked Lentils and Rice with Root Vegetables

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Baked grain dishes can be a very satisfying way to add deep warmth and variety to meals. They are especially nourishing in a cold, damp climate like the Pacific Northwest. This technique, learned from Sharon Gray at Belly & Soul, … Continued

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