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12 Plant-Based Dessert Recipes


Dessert recipes, downloadable.


12 new and old recipes updated and compiled into one pdf. All recipes are vegan. Many use whole, unrefined ingredients. Most are either gluten-free or easily adaptable.

Cardamom Pear Crisp
Baked Apples with Cinnamon Oat Filling

Simple Vegan Bread Pudding

Battered Apple Rings
Grilled or Skillet Peaches with Cashew Cream and Pecans

Blueberry and Cherry Kanten

Couscous Cake with Berry Topping

Poached Pears with Date Hazelnut Topping

Pumpkin Pudding

Roasted Grape Tart

Oatmeal Currant Cookie
Seed and Nut Crunch with Nori

Many of these recipes are from my blog or monthly newsletter. I have gathered them together so you have them in one place.

File is available to download upon purchase.