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Recipes for Celebration for Autumn and Winter


Recipes for celebration, downloadable.


11 of my favorite recipes for celebration in the colder time of the year. These are a blend of new and old recipes updated and compiled into one pdf. All recipes are vegan. Many use whole, unrefined ingredients. Most are either gluten-free or easily adaptable.

Winter Squash filled with Millet Pilaf and Cranberries
Arame Tofu Pate

Baked Pinto Beans with Molasses

Beet Nishime

Lemon Balsamic Greens

Simple Cabbage Slaw

Mashed Root Vegetables

Mushroom Gravy

Sweet Potato Pie

Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Many of these recipes are from my blog or monthly newsletter. I have gathered them together so you have them in one place.

File is available to download upon purchase.