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August 2020: The Keys to Digestive Health with Warren Kramer


Warren Kramer Monthly Lecture Series August 2020


The Warren Kramer Monthly Lecture Series
The Keys to Digestive Health
All of life is the process of taking in and giving out. If we can absorb and utilize what we take in and eliminate or discharge what we do not need, then our health will grow. Trouble begins when this process is thrown off. Let’s look closely at the process of good digestion and how to strengthen our digestive power. Warren discusses some essential points, including food and lifestyle practices that have the power to either support or undermine our digestion.
Lecture is about 90 minutes and allows time for questions. After purchase, you will be sent a link to the recording. The recording will be available to view for 30 days or to download. Links are for one purchaser only. Please do not share.
Warren Kramer was a senior macrobiotic counselor and teacher with over 30 years of experience. To learn more about Warren you can go to his website Macrobiotics of New England.