Vegetable Magic Coaching


Vegetable Magic Introductory Coaching Bundle


Let’s work together to increase the amount and variety of vegetables in your diet or your family’s diet.

Many of us know we would benefit from eating more vegetables, but we struggle either with finding the time and energy to cook them or we simply don’t like the way they taste. It’s not impossible, even if sometimes it feels like it.

Or some of us love vegetables, but feel like it’s a struggle to get our family to eat them.

I’ve got you either way.

I have a very low pressure, intuitive approach that will guide you to make small, doable, highly personalized changes suited to you and your life. Meet with me and let’s make this happen!


  • Simple, Time Saving Strategies
  • A Plan of Action
  • Easy, Delicious Recipes
  • Increased Confidence and Energy
  • More Vegetables on Your Plate!

How it Works:

  • Quick, Initial Assessment (just a simple google question and answer form)
  • 90-minute Session via phone or Zoom
  • Personalized Strategies to Incorporate
  • A Few Hand-Picked Recipes
  • Immediate Action Steps
  • 30-minute Follow-Up via phone

As soon as you purchase your session with me you will receive information about how to schedule your appointment in my calendar and fill out the assessment form.

I help individuals and families learn simple, easy recipes and strategies that support health. I am very passionate about helping people love vegetables, or at least enjoy eating them!

I look forward to working with you!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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