Listed below are practitioners I have direct experience with and highly recommend. I have had individual sessions with everyone listed here, except where noted. I don’t receive any compensation for listing these practitioners on my site.

Nutrition and related counseling and bodywork:

Kael Balizer, LMP, Ayurveda Practitioner, Vashon Island, Life in Balance

Kory DeAngelo, RD, Currently practicing at Bastyr. website

Acupuncture and Shiatsu:

Andrea Swope, EAMP, LMP, Acupuncture and Cranial Sacral Therapy

Anna Murphy-Moore, LAc at Potentials Wellness Center in Portland, OR


Dennis Littleton, ND, Bellingham, WA (Do a simple search for him to find his phone number, no website) Blends naturopathy with a whole other bag of tricks. Highly recommended.

Massage, Bodywork and Chiropractic:

Dan Buquicchio, DC, Core Chiropractic

Michael Hahn, Cranial, Visceral and Hellerwork

Massage Sanctuary (I particularly like Fransisco Soto.)

Alissa Fields, DC, Portland, OR at Center for Chiropractic and Pain Rehabilitation


Integrative Dentistry

Intuitive Readings:

Melissa Peil, Mystical Awakenings, phone and Skype readings

Todd Rohlsson based in Seattle, intuitive readings and energy discs

Shamanic Astrology:

Brett Joseph at More Than Astrology