Blanched Vegetable Salad

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This post is more about a technique than the actual salad, although you will find a recipe below. Lightly blanched vegetables make a salad that is delightful in its simplicity and highlights some of the lovely colors out there in … Continued

Breakfast Porridge-4 ways

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Macrobiotic households frequently start the day with a bowl of soft cooked grains and a cooked vegetable on the side. After going the whole night without eating, our bodies do well with moist, softer cooked foods, easing the transition into … Continued

Mashed Root Vegetables (alternative mashed potatoes)

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These root vegetables are delicious and really beautiful if you mash them and have small orange bits of rutabaga throughout. My intention was to give you an alternative mashed potatoes and gravy for those of you reducing your consumption of potatoes. However, … Continued

Carrot, Daikon and Burdock Kinpira

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Kinpira is a great dish for strengthening and warming our bodies, especially during the colder times of the year. The cooking technique consists of initially sautéing the vegetables, then adding water and a cover to steam them. Cut the vegetables … Continued

10 Ways to Incorporate Sea Vegetables

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Several people have asked me for simple ideas for incorporating sea vegetables into meals. Sea vegetables are packed full of minerals and other nutrients. They are potent and you really don’t need much. In my macrobiotic studies, a common recommendation … Continued

Onion Butter

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A recent post over at emmycooks reminded me about onion butter, which I haven’t made for a long time. I have been more recently enamored with sweet vegetable jam and a roasted vegetable and miso spread (recipe coming soon). I … Continued

Pressure Cooked Brown Rice

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As we head into autumn in the Pacific Northwest, the Earth’s energy starts to move down and inward. The days are shorter and the air is cooler. It’s a perfect time for pressure cooking our brown rice. Energetically, boiled brown … Continued

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