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I was born to sit in conversation, asking the questions and hearing guidance that will either reinforce the direction you are already being called to go, or help you shift your perspective and lead you into deeper connection with yourself, your body and your life. These days, I find myself teaching in sessions, helping you grow in your ability to hear your own wisdom.

The super fun part is I never know where a session will guide us. I am surprised and delighted every single time.


In this space I could explain where I think you are in your life I could paint a picture to try to convince you that you need my services. But, the truth is, you are drawn to me for an infinite number of reasons. Maybe you heard about me through a friend or business contact. Maybe you were looking for a recipe for daikon greens (my most popular recipe!). Maybe you read a comment from me on Instagram. Maybe you don’t even know how you found me.

What we do know is that you are here now. With an opportunity to be curious about your life and my work. I have been offering free 30-minute Play Dates since July 2022 and I love them. It’s such a great way for us to get to know each other. If you are new to me, curious and want to explore what I am about book a play date. Explore the possibilities working with me that will open up for your life.

About Teresa

I am a gifted healer and intuitive psychic. I was born into an intuitive family and come from a long line of healers, psychics and plant lovers. Communicating with human bodies, engaging the energy of plants and helping you access information for your journey, fills me with incredible joy.

Through a series of sessions, we work in collaboration to increase your level of connection and communication with your body to create a partnership that supports your life and dreams. In every session, your body, your spirit and your guide team lead the way.

Sessions are by phone or Zoom.

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