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Spring Cleaning for Your Soul

6 weeks to clear old energy and step into clarity about the direction of your life.


Body Wisdom Packages

Sometimes we need support while on our journey. My combination of intuitive guidance and energy healing can provide that next level of support.

We know the value and importance of listening to our body. We try to listen to cues like congestion, backache, fear, sore feet and nausea, but we don’t often know what they mean or what our body is trying to tell us. Plus, there is so much more our bodies would like us to know. Most of us weren’t taught how to listen deeply and connect with our bodies in a loving way.

What really brings your body joy?
How does your body feel about your living environment and what could make it better?
How can you help your body feel safe?
Why is your body exhibiting or experiencing certain symptoms?
What foods does your body need to eat or eliminate to help create balance?
What is appropriate exercise/movement for your body?
What are you really doing well in your relationship with your body?

My main purpose is to teach you how to listen to the wisdom of your body at a much deeper level. As soon as you start building that relationship, your body will wake up and start to communicate with you in a language you can both understand.

Energy healing compliments your plant-based journey seamlessly. Plants transform and heal on both cellular and energetic levels whether we are engaged with a forest, our garden or a delicious plant rich meal.  You are already doing such powerful healing work by choosing to have more plants in your life. Let’s step it up a notch.

About Me

I am a gifted healer and psychic. I was born into a psychic family and come from a lineage of healers. Communicating with human bodies, helping dissolve stagnation and helping you access information for your healing journey, fills me with incredible joy.

I walk you through a step by step process to increase your level of connection and communication with your body to create a partnership that supports your life and dreams. In every session, your body leads the way.

Initiation Program: 6 week package
Wisdom Program: 12 week package

Programs include individual sessions, private community with access to me, curated booklet of recipes for your body and lifestyle.

Sessions are over phone or Zoom.

Contact me to schedule a call to see if you are a good fit for my programs.


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