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8 Class Series: Treating Common Health Issues Naturally with Warren Kramer


Warren Kramer Food Series: Common Health Issues


The Food Series with Warren: Part 3
Understanding and Treating Common Health Issues Naturally
An important part of a balanced macrobiotic practice is to become self reliant with regards to taking care of ones health. In this exciting workshop we will look at many common health concerns and how to address them naturally. We will discuss which food, lifestyle factors and home remedies are essential for healing the health concern. Warren will also discuss diagnosis and how to detect the health issue.
Detailed Class Schedule:
1. memory/fatigue/brain fog
2. digestive issues/cold/flu
3. headaches/aches/backache/inflammation
4. stress/irritability/impatience/depression
5. skin issues/rashes/allergies
6. weight issues/sleep
7. menstrual irregularities/PMS/blood sugar issues
8. common health problems Q&A

$120 for the full series of 8 classes.
At least two delicious recipes are included with each class.
Each of the classes are about 60 minutes in length with time at the end for questions.

Links are for one purchaser only. Please do not share.
Within one day of purchase, you will be sent links to the recordings, recipes, recommended resources and chat notes. The recordings will be available to view or download for 60 days from purchase date.

Individual classes are $25 each and can be purchased separately. Contact me to arrange.

Warren Kramer was a senior macrobiotic counselor and teacher with over 35 years of experience. To learn more about Warren you can go to his website Macrobiotics of New England.