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March 2020: Slowing Down in A Fast Paced World with Warren Kramer


Warren Kramer’s March 2020 lecture: Slowing Down in A Fast Paced World.


Slowing Down in a Fast Paced World
with Warren Kramer

The rate of change today is the slowest you will ever experience. The pace of life continues to accelerate as technology and society change. After 25 years of regular air travel and teaching macrobiotics throughout the U.S. and abroad, Warren recognized he too was caught up in the fast lane and took an entire year off from travel to do some self-discovery. Come learn the valuable lessons learned and insights of how and why we need to take time for ourselves. This session will provide thoughts and insights from Warren’s experience that can be applied to your daily life as well as provide an opportunity for participants to do their own self-discovery.

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Lecture is about 90 minutes.
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Warren Kramer was a senior macrobiotic counselor and teacher with over 30 years of experience.