Inside is made of outside. When we touch our own skin, we touch the water, heat, air, and earth that are within us. Touching deeply, we realize that the sun is also our heart. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Planetary healing begins within our own bodies. There is a fundamental connection between the health of our own bodies and the health of the Earth and all life on this planet. Through healing our own internal ecosystem, emotionally, physically and spiritually, we support global healing.

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As spirit, our physical bodies are one of our most important allies. They hold us here in the physical realm. They support us in our spiritual growth. Our bodies give us such an amazing gift. The more we view this connection as a loving relationship, the more easily we can work together to raise our individual vibration and the vibration of the whole planet.

 Shindo fuji:  body and earth are not two. – Japanese saying