Using Tarot Cards in Everyday Life

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At the beginning of this month I offered free tarot reading on my Instagram stories. I drew a card for anyone who messaged me and gave them a mini reading. It’s fun for me to do and I get to connect with more people who follow my account.

I think this is the first time I have talked about tarot cards on my blog. I haven’t studied how to read tarot cards. In fact, the way I was encouraged to use them (from Nicole Cody) is in a “throw away the book” kind of way. I thought it might be interesting and useful to talk about it here and encourage you to find a deck to work with. It can be pretty simple to learn to use them and a useful way to get insights into the inner workings of your life and guidance for your journey. I will also share a simple spread (series of cards) that I use frequently to see the direction I am going in.

1. Choosing a Deck. You don’t need to buy a deck from Amazon, but that can be a useful place to start your search. Look for a deck, either tarot or oracle, that has a decent number of cards with a variety of images. You want the images to be rich, full and varied. You want them to resonate or speak to you. There are so many decks available now that it’s mind-boggling. I will list a few favorites at the bottom. I would also look at the reviews. If you are looking for your first deck, I would choose one that has a lot of good reviews. And read some of the reviews. Look for cards that might say they are good for beginners or are good quality or a nice size for shuffling.

2. Using your Deck. I was taught to “read” a card by looking at the image and seeing the story it is telling you. See if you can hear a message. Don’t second guess yourself. Whatever comes to mind is worth exploring. Notice how you feel. If you don’t get a lot of information right away, journal on it or come back to it.

3. Two Simple Ways to Use the Cards.

Pick one card. One thing you can do is carefully shuffle the deck asking the question “What do I most need to know right now?” Pick a card and see what story the image tells you.

Or choose three cards. I do this frequently. The first card is for The Past. The second card is for The Present. The third card is for The Future. Place all three cards in front of you face up and look for the story or the direction you are going in. You can look at the past to see where you are coming from or the gifts/learning you are bringing in from the past. Where you are at right now and where you are going if you stay on this trajectory. Past, Present, Future. This is often helpful if you are unsure of where you are and would like guidance in either which direction is most beneficial for you or which direction you are already going in and whether you want to change that.

A few decks I love. These are mostly Amazon links, but you can search elsewhere for the same decks if you want. Many metaphysical stores or bookstores sell them or you can go to the original publisher or artist.

Everyday Witch Tarot

The Light Seer’s Tarot

The Good Tarot

Witch’s Wisdom Tarot

Wisdom of the Oracle 

Message me if you would like to connect or have any questions. You can also schedule a free 30 Minute Play Date and I can draw a card for you if you would like.