Favorites, Surprises and Discoveries of the Past Year

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I love sharing about new things I have learned and new items I have discovered. Most of them don’t really require a full post, so I have gathered several into one. As always, I don’t receive any compensation for mentioning people or their businesses on my blog. I am just sharing with you in a spirit of love.

1.  Ceylon Cinnamon. I thought all cinnamon was pretty similar, just with different varieties from different areas of the world. Read Jess’ post and learn all about how most cinnamon we eat actually isn’t all that good for us and only one variety is actually linked to lowering blood sugar. Maybe some of you know this already. I found some Ceylon cinnamon at a local food coop and I am shocked at the difference in the smell, taste and energetic quality. It is nothing like the cinnamon I have been using for years. I threw out the old stuff and I am never going back. Find some and try it yourself.

2.  Gemini Brett Astrologer. I have mentioned Brett in more than one post and all I am going to say is the information he unearthed in my chart has been pivotal in my ability to gain more sure footing on my path. He is also a masterful storyteller and will weave story into your reading. I like to do things that are fun, and a reading from Brett absolutely qualifies. Magical!

3.  Raw Energy Cookie Bites. This recipe from Angela at Oh She Glows was posted in 2010, but I discovered it when a friend made them. Possibly my favorite treat of the year. One of the things that makes these so good is the texture. The seeds and cacao nibs add little bits of crunch. I don’t usually do chocolate because it tends to set off addiction patterns, but the small amount of cacao nibs in these seem to be okay for me. Try them with the Ceylon cinnamon. So yummy! Update: I take that back. It did set off addiction patterns. I am taking a break from these, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them!!

4.  Mini Whole Wheat Breakfast Muffin Recipe. Here’s another recipe from Angela. I don’t make a lot of baked goods, but here is the one I baked the most often in 2013. I am so glad I found this recipe. It has my favorite healthy muffin taste and texture and isn’t overly sweet. I make them with chia seeds instead of flax and have success with frozen blueberries if I leave them frozen and cut any big ones in half.

5.  Cauldrons and Cupcakes. Nicole Cody’s blog is the blog I read regularly. She writes about her journey with Lyme Disease, her life on her farm and incredible insights into the energetic/spiritual realm. Some of my favorite posts are ones like this one, where she has you pick an image out of a handful of other images and then gives you a message specific to the image you picked. Super fun!!

6.  Bouldering. This is actually a long-lost love of mine. My friend Ian has a membership to Vital, a climbing/bouldering gym in Bellingham, WA, and I have been going with him. Yay! It’s even open 24/7 for members. How great is that? I also went bouldering at a gym, Circuit, in Portland, OR, the last time I was there. So fun. If you haven’t tried it, grab a friend and go.

7.  Shannon Knight. I recently started doing regular 30-minute phone sessions with my friend Shannon. She is extraordinarily gifted at helping me release energy and thought patterns that limit my ability to be authentic and move through the world with ease, grace and power. I am gaining clarity in my work and a greater connection to my body. I am so grateful to have her in my life.