Embracing Change

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June was a doozy for me. Haven’t heard that word for a while? Well, it’s the only word that fits.

I know that I’m not alone. Many friends and people I have worked with are saying the same thing. It’s been rough out there with our relationships, work and our lives.

Our world is experiencing a huge shift in consciousness. As we transition, the gap between our old and new ways of being can bring up a whole spectrum of emotions including discomfort, pain, heartbreak and sadness. There’s the good stuff, too, like expansive love, deep connection and heightened senses. But, this post is about how to handle the parts of the shift that leave us feeling broken.

I have been through a boatload of change this past month, but it wasn’t until I received some news yesterday that I actually felt broken. I feel a need to get clear about how I am using this term. I am not using it in the sense of broken, never to be fixed again let’s throw it away. I am talking about split open wide, broken and exposed, ready for some serious healing. This is the kind of healing we can only do when it feels like we have gotten completely down to the core and exposed the seed to light.

The news that broke me yesterday is a thread of a generational pattern that has hurt so many people. It’s coming to light. It’s ready for us to heal. But, as a family we are going to need to be brave, hold on to each other, trust in each other’s goodness and our own strength. We are going to need to trust that by facing it head on, we are actually reclaiming more of ourselves and deepening our connections with everything and everyone around us.

I am speaking to all of us when I say these times are not for those who run from discomfort, challenge, pain and healing. We are all facing different challenges as we jump and reach for our best self. My wish for you is to face whatever needs to be faced. Embrace it with love and gratitude. Know that there is a shiny gem to be discovered right in the center of the pain.

So what am I doing to take care of myself?

1.  Stay home. Be willing to miss things, events, time with people. Go to bed early. Take a hot bath. Get some sleep. Hibernate. It’s okay. Sometimes we just need to hang out in our bed, sleep and recharge.

2.  Eat healthy comfort foods. My first inclination when I am in pain or overwhelm is to eat a whole box of cereal. We all have our different comfort foods. Instead, I try to eat some healthy, warm puddings, puréed soups, warm carrot juice. There are a lot of great recipes here at sweetveg and over at littleveg. I have been eating a lot of grain porridge with a spoonful of fruit-sweetened jam (I love the sour cherry) on top.

Make a commitment to find healthy ways to find that comfort rather than mindlessly reaching for cookies or your version of comfort. I think it’s natural to want to find comfort in food. Just try to be mindful about it, so you are still supporting your healing rather than numbing your feelings.

0193.  Time in nature. Do whatever it takes to get outside in a calm peaceful area of your town or city. Listen to the birds or the rush of water. Smell delicious flowers. Let yourself sink in to the earth. Let the trees heal you.

4.  Essential oils, Gems, Healing Energy Discs. Make sure you use high quality essential oils. Michelle Mahler, at Circle of Healing, makes some lovely blends. My friend Todd at Living Light Alchemy Design makes some truly amazing healing, protective, manifesting and strengthening discs. I  love them and sleep with several tucked in under my sheet.

4.  Connection with other people. Seek people who really know how to listen and be present without trying to fix anything. It’s a huge gift. We don’t need fixing, we just need to know someone else is with us and that they care. Foster these relationships. They are golden. I have about eight people I can call when I am feeling like I’m a mess. These are the same people I call when I am elated because I am doing so well. And they call me. If you don’t have at least two people in your life that are the kind I am talking about, then I am giving you an assignment. They’re out there. Go find yours.

5.  Feel what needs to be felt. I know it can feel hard and super painful. But, feeling and letting those feelings out is part of our natural healing process. I think it’s an art to be able to feel and keep our perspective at the same time. It’s possible. Start small. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Feel your feelings as deep as you can go until the timer goes off. When the timer goes off, spend time thinking about the good things in your life or the things you are looking forward to. Do this frequently. Even more healing is to do this in the company of a friend, each taking five or ten minutes. It’s powerful and a great method for processing some of those really strong feelings.

Know that you are loved.

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