Choosing Connection: Let Yourself Shine

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I spent the evening with one of my favorite groups of people last night at an event called the Cosmic Cafe. In this group, I can allow my full self out to play and let myself shine. This is so important to me that I drove an hour and a half back to Seattle from where I was already hanging out with family for the holidays.

How often do you let your true self out to play? Here I am, giving you a reminder of how important it is to surround yourself with encouraging, open and loving people on a regular basis.IMG_20131119_131038

I like to think I allow myself to shine wherever I am, but this just isn’t true yet. Old patterns learned in childhood and through societal conditioning creep in and hold me back in situations where I am unsure or under stress. So, I seek people and situations that help remind me of who I really am. And I focus on connecting. We act as mirrors for each other reflecting the truth of who we are.

Do you have people like this in your life? We all need them. As many as we can find, actually. I don’t think we can ever have too many.

Related to this, is choosing to be around people who are living the way you want to live. Do you want to learn self-love? Do you want to eat more healthfully? Find people who are already on this path. This seems obvious and simple, but how often do we stay with old friends or family even when we have outgrown them? There comes a time when we need to put ourselves and our growth at the front of our lives. We will make new friends who will suit how we want to live and uplift us.

We each have a role on this planet that can only be served by being our true authentic selves. It’s time. Do whatever it takes. Join some groups, make time for those people who really see you, spend more time in nature, play with children.

The more I am able to let myself shine, the easier life gets and the more joy I feel in each day. Like my friend Eric reflected back  to me, “I am having so much fun!!” I want this for you, too.

I encourage you, as we leave the solstice behind and head into a new year, to leave behind connections that are no longer serving you and invite an abundance of those that will. I will be doing the same. I look forward to seeing you shine even more.



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  1. Lee-Lee

    Lots of love and thx! Happy Holidays and winter(longer daylight each day)!! LL 🙂