My Experience with Anxiety

I have experienced anxiety my whole life. In the past few years it’s gotten harder to navigate. I’ve found myself reaching for strong sweet foods and decaf lattes to help myself get through the day.

In the very short term I do feel better. But in the long term I feel worse, both physically and emotionally.

When our blood sugar is on a roller coaster, our emotions follow along for the ride. Have you noticed this?

18 years ago I started a macrobiotic cooking school and changed my diet. Before starting the school, I was vegetarian, working as a baker, eating lots of sweets.

Almost immediately, the biggest change I noticed was how my emotional highs and lows leveled out. It felt like magic.

I don’t think all the changes were specific to macrobiotics (although there is absolute magic in the energetic properties of food).

I think it was the focus on whole foods and minimizing highly processed ones.

Mainly plants.
Lots of vegetables.
Fruit in moderation.
Being mindful of protein.
Sitting down to eat.
Regular meal times.

This is what makes a huge difference in my life and helps stabilize my emotions.

Recently, I started avoiding strong sweets like cane sugar again. As I become more aware of the anxiety I’ve been covering up I remembered the approach that has worked so well for me in the past to stabilize my emotions.

Balancing my blood sugar.

Can you relate?

I love to hear your experiences. Comment or send me a message because we can uplift each other. If you would like 1:1 support I’ve got that, too. Simply reach out or book one of my introductory sessions.

We’ve got this!