Seaweed 101

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I recently discovered a seaweed harvesting class that looks like a whole lot of fun. Seaweed 101:  Seaweed Harvesting Adventures in the Puget Sound. I have been wanting to learn how to harvest for quite some time, only partly because I am fond of seaweed. Did I mention that also I love to get dirty, cold and wet? I hope this seaweed adventure is as exciting as it looks.

Jennifer Adler, of Passionate Nutrition, will be co-teaching, along with Zephyr Dunnicliffe a whole foods chef and forager. I met Jennifer Adler while assisting several of her cooking classes at PCC Cooks in Seattle, WA. She has been a practicing nutritionist in Seattle, WA since 2003, and attended Bastyr University. Several of my friends have seen her for nutrition services and she is highly recommended.

The seaweed excursion is offered several times during the summer and this year it will take place over the course of 3 days on Lopez Island and will include hiking and kayaking. During that time, students will learn identification, harvesting, drying and cooking of this lovely (and sometimes not so lovely) gift from the sea. Breakfast and dinner are included and will include many different types of seaweeds to show how versatile and delicious cooking with them can be.