Creating Space for New Directions

We are coming out of a sort of hibernation. Some of us more slowly than others!

You may be noticing a few things: You want to engage in life differently. You are feeling a bit unsure about what that means and how to implement the changes you want. You are feeling a bit stuck and the future looks cloudy. You really want change and don’t want to go back to the way you were living before. You have a strong desire and for something new and would be excited about it if you had more clarity.

A lot of us have been re-evaluating our lives, but sometimes that old energy gets a bit stuck on the way out. This can lead to indecision, foggy thinking and a lack of direction.

To support you to reset your energy and align with the new, I have created a new offer:

Spring Cleaning for Your Soul

Clear old, stuck energy and step into renewed clarity and sense of direction. Reclaim more of yourself. We’ll do it together in 6 weeks of fun, soulful, clearing and integration. Click the link or find more information at the bottom of the post.

So what are my thoughts for clearing old energy and making space for new directions?

1.  Get some time alone. Sometimes this is what we need. This can be a great way to create space. Be willing to miss things, events, time with people. Go to bed early. Take a hot salt bath. Get some sleep. Meditate. Journal. Sometimes we just need to hang out in our bed, sleep and recharge. However, the next tip, connecting with other people may actually be what we really need after these past two years of so much isolation.

2.  Connect with people who make us laugh and encourage us. I find that I need to push myself more with this one, especially because I have gotten into a mode of isolating in the past few years. Have you ever heard the phrase “You are a combination of the people you spend the most time with?” Seek people who have the kind of kindness, compassion and serenity that you would like to have in your life. Find people who encourage you and embody aspects of the type of person you would like to be. Find people who stretch you to be a more aligned version of yourself. Foster these relationships. They are golden. If you don’t have at least four people in your life that are the kind I am talking about, and that you communicate with regularly, then I am giving you an assignment. They’re out there. Go find yours.

3.  Eat more vegetables. My first inclination when I am in pain or overwhelm is to eat a whole box of cereal or loaf of bread. I’m not exaggerating. We all have our different comfort foods. But, in providing comfort they also often stop or slow down the circulation of energy. Vegetables actually aid our body to clear out stagnation. Comforting vegetable dishes include vegetable based puréed soups, sweet potatoes, nishime and warm carrot juice. Or sometimes satisfying crunchy salads, blanched vegetables with hummus or pressed salad do the trick. There are a lot of great recipes here at sweetveg and over at littleveg.

Make a commitment to find healthy ways to support your body rather than mindlessly reaching for cookies or your version of comfort food. I think it’s natural to want to find comfort in food. Just try to be mindful about it, so you are still supporting your healing rather than numbing your feelings.

0194.  Feel what needs to be felt. I know it can feel hard and super painful. But, feeling and letting those feelings out is part of our natural healing process. I think it’s an art to be able to feel and keep our perspective at the same time. It’s possible. Start small. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Feel your feelings as deep as you can go until the timer goes off. When the timer goes off, spend time thinking about the good things in your life or the things you are looking forward to. Do this frequently. Even more healing is to do this in the company of a friend, each taking five or ten minutes. It’s powerful and a great method for processing some of those really strong feelings. Imagine these feelings carrying old hurts out of your body and into the earth where the energies can be transformed into rich, life-giving soil.

5. Time in nature. Do whatever it takes to get outside in a calm peaceful area of your town or city. Listen to the birds or the rush of water. Smell delicious flowers. Let yourself sink in to the earth. Let the trees heal you. Nature is great for helping clear old energy. The cycles and rhythms keep going. Everything changes.

6. Clean and de-clutter. This is all I’m going to say. You’ve heard this one before and it’s on the list because it is VERY important for helping clear energy and create space, both literally, physically and in our minds. Cleaning also has the added benefit of physical movement and if you add music, essential oils and you open some windows to let nature in… Watch Out!!

7.  Essential oils, Crystals. Find high quality essential oils. I love lemon and tangerine for lifting my mood. You can find others to help with clearing energy. Michelle Mahler, at Circle of Healing, makes some great blends. Check out your local metaphysical shop or check out Etsy for some lovely crystals. Rose quartz, jasper and selenite are a few I use for healing. Clear quartz, smoky quartz and selenite are great for clearing energy and bringing in clarity. Explore a bit and find some that fit you. They are beautiful and wonderful to have around. I love crystals and carry them in my pockets and sleep with a few every night. Make sure you also learn how to take care of them. You can ask in your metaphysical shop or do a search. Nicole Cody’s blog at Cauldrons and Cupcakes has a lot of great information.

8. Writing. On a piece of paper, write down everything you want to let go of. Express gratitude for everything that got you to where you are today. Set the intention that you will keep the learning and let go of everything that no longer serves you. In a safe place, burn the paper and imagine all that energy being transmuted by the light and going back to source or being neutralized by the earth.

9. Music. I didn’t have music on this list back in 2014. Music has been a mainstay that got me through the past few years. Listening to music that we enjoyed in our late teens and 20’s can bring back those feelings of youthful optimism. Try it. And then there’s also music that is designed to relax and put us in an altered state. Try it all and come back to those that relax and support your nervous system or that just plain make you happy and want to dance. It all helps clear out old energy and create space for renewed optimism. And dance is magic for increasing our circulation

10. Movement. Go for a walk, preferable in nature. Ride your bike. Do yoga. Dance. You know all the things. If you are having a hard time getting yourself to move, set a timer for 5 minutes several times during the day. Put one song on. Dance while you clean or do the dishes. Walk around the block. It all counts.

11. Bodywork. Massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy. These are the three that come to mind for me. Explore. Try something new.

Want some help clearing the fog and creating the space for clarity and stepping into the next version of your life?

Spring Cleaning for Your Soul is for you.

6 week Package:
1 Initial 60 minute psychic reading/healing session
2-30 minute integration sessions
Weekly personal tarot card with insights sent to your inbox along with a few journal prompts
Curated recipes for supporting your body during the process

Find out more here.

Take the leap.
I look forward to working with you.

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